Cart E 3000

Cart E 3000 is a special electric wheelchair

(it is not a sports ATV)

Special electric wheelchair Cart E 3000 (wheelchair) was designed for you, wheelchair users, seniors with reduced mobility, for fishermen, hunters and other active people who can not spend time to their hobbies in nature because of their disability, illness or injury . Special design of the wheelchair allows you to get to places that would otherwise remain inaccessible, and that way can variegate, improve and FIND NEW WAYS OF YOUR LIFE.

Thanks to its unique design the wheelchair has an exceptional stability and passability in the terrain, which is also forced by the most powerful engine far (3000W, competing to the strongest wheelchairs with 1200W) in the league of wheelchairs- ATV, which allows to the open version to reach speeds up to 30 km / h.
The wheelchair has independent suspension of all four wheels with adjustable hydraulic shock absorbers and large suspension lifts which makes the ride on even or uneven surfaces (paved street, dirt road, meadows, fields, forest vegetation) extremely stable and comfortable.

Because of its electric drive the wheelchair is quiet, ecological, vibration free, and last but not least, it is very economical to operate.
As the only wheelchair in its league on the market it is able to carry with easily and simply a carry-on folding wheelchair.
The design of the wheelchair also allows a simple composition and transport, also in a small car like Škoda Felicia combi.

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Drive Principle

The principle of the whole drive utilizes a technology of the latest generation: the frequency engine does not contain any gears, carbon, belts, oils, filters, etc., therefore it has a service life up to 100,000 km and it is maintenance free. Besides the engine, the drive system has no other moving parts, and therefore the is the need for maintenance and malfunction kept to a minimum.
The drive system is equipped with RECOVERY for a re-charge of the batteries when going downhill. Another benefit of the recovery is the increase of braking force and thereby relief of the braking system and reducing of the braking wear. The recovery operates fully automatically.
On request, the truck can be equipped with easily replaceable LiFePo4 battery pack, allowing so-called "endless roll”.

As the truck is a Czech made produkt, it can be, in agreement with the manufacturer, adapted to individua requirements of each customer.
Wheelchairs  Wheelchairs  Wheelchairs  Wheelchairs  Wheelchairs  Wheelchairs 

Technical data

Total lenght 1750 cm
Total width 80cm
Total hight 1250cm
Truck Weight with batteries 139 kg
Load truck 120 kg - can be increased uppon request
Headroom 15cm
Maximum height of obstacle 12cm
Engine Type Maintenance free-impulsive
Maximum power 3000W-3kW (4.1 k)
Motor service life Up to 100 000 km
Charger type inteligent-procesor-pulsing
Charging time of standard batteries Up to 8h. ( 4 h.for 80% of the capacity)
LiFePo4 Battery Charging time Up to 5h ( 1.5h.for 80% of the capacity)
Battery service life - standard Up to 7 years (1000 charging cycles)
Battery service life - LiFePo4 Up to 10 years (2000 charging cycles)
Maximum speed - regulatory 9km/h
Maximum speed - open version 30km/h
Maximum range- standard Up to 40km
Maximum range - LiFePo4 Up to 65km
Operating cost 7 CZK/ 100 km
Rekuperation yes
Removable battery- standard no
Removable battery - LiFePo4 yes
Brakes Front drum/rest disc
Wheels 16x8-7 average 40cm
Lights yes- technology LED
Blinkers yes- technology LED
Rear luggage rack Standard outfit / capacity 10kg
Front luggage rack Optional outfit / capacity 10kg

Wheelchair Cart E 3000 Price

Accessories price

Wheelchair Cart E 3000 Intruductory price of first serie 98000,-
Granted price of first serie 49000,-
Price from 1.3.2011 115000,-
Granted price from 1.3.2011 57500,-
Adjustment for quadriplegics 1300,-
Adjustment on control with joistick 9300,-
Front luggage rack with protective frame 2100,-
Holder of carry-on folding wheelchair 490,-
Aluminium raids 2600,-
Baterries with enhanced kapacity for longer range 7200,-
Baterry LiFePo4 – removable, for so called. „endless roll“ 10740,-
Rear lockable, removable storage box (trunk) 2250,-
Roof for delivery from 1.3.2011. Price not given yet
Front protective plexiglas shield , for delivery from 1.3.2011Price not given yet

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or contact us at gubala@monzyport.cz.

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