Offer of service:

  • execution of mechanical, electrical and plumbing activities
  • execution of special repairs of damaged mechanisms and electrical equipments
  • installation of dumb equipment, xenon, expansion of vehicle chassis with pads
  • execution of regular service checks (oil and filter change)
  • vehicle preparation for technical inspection
  • execution of the technical and emmission inspection
  • filling, cleaning and leak testing of air-conditioning circuit
  • tire service with option of storing, washing and treatment ot tire sets
  • vehicles diagnostics and setting of vehicles service intervals
  • implementation of the vehicle security
    • - glass sanding / glass etching
    •     - Mechanical barriers Deffendlock
    •     - AUTO DOT System (stippling method)
    •     - Alarms and motion sensors
  • providing of service inspections in foreign authorized services
  • towing and vehicle rentals
Photos of our plant

Photos of our plant
MONZYPORT Ltd., Plzeňská 685, 330 27 Plzeň - Vejprnice - Czech Republic
20. 3. 2019 01:42
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